Travel and Other Expense Reimbursement Policy

(Adopted December 12, 2008}

  1. Purpose
    The Board of Directors of the Guam Preservation Trust (GPT) recognizes that board members and employees of the Guam Preservation Trust may be required to travel or incur other expenses from time to time to conduct GPT business and to further the mission of the Guam Preservation Trust. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that (a) adequate cost controls are in place, (b) travel and other expenditures are appropriate, and (c) to provide a uniform and consistent approach for the timely reimbursement of authorized expenses incurred. It is the policy of the Guam Preservation Trust to reimburse only reasonable and necessary expenses actually  incurred by GPT Board members & staff. When incurring expense, The Guam Preservation Trust expects board members and staff to:

    • Exercise discretion and good business judgment with respect to those expenses;
    • Be cost conscious and spend the Guam preservation Trust’s money as carefully
      and judiciously as the individual would spend his or her own funds; and
    • Report expenses, supported by required documentation, as they were actually
  2. Expense Report
    Expense will not be reimbursed unless the individual requesting reimbursement submits
    a written Expense Report. The Expense Report, which shall be submitted at least within two
    weeks of the completion of travel if travel expense reimbursement is requested, must include:

    • The individual’s name;
    • If reimbursement for travel is requested, the date, origin, destination and purpose of the trip, including a description of each GPT-related activity during the trip;
    • The name and affiliation of all people for whom expenses are claimed (i.e., people on whom money is spent in order to conduct GPT’s business); and
    • An itemized list of all expenses for which reimbursement is requested.
  3. Receipts
    Receipts are required for all expenditures billed directly to the Guam Preservation Trust,
    such as airfare and/or hotel charges. No expense will be reimbursed to board members or staff
    unless the individual requesting reimbursement submits with the Expense Report written from
    each vendor (not a credit card receipt or statement) showing the vendor’s name, a description
    of the services/products provided, the date, and the total expenses.
  4. General Travel Requirements
    All trips involving air travel or at least one overnight stay must be approved in advanced by the Chief Program Officer for staff travel; and the board of directors for board member travel.

    1. Necessity of Travel
      In determining the reasonableness and necessity of travel expenses, board members and staff shall consider the ways in which the Guam Preservation Trust will benefit from the travel and weigh those benefits against the anticipated costs of the travel. The same considerations shall be taken into account in deciding whether a particular individual’s presence on a trip is necessary. In determining whether the benefits to the Guam Preservation Trust outweigh the costs, less expensive alternatives, such as participation by telephone or video conferencing, or the availability of local programs or training opportunities, shall be considered.
    2. Personal and Spousal Travel Expenses
      Individuals traveling on behalf of the Guam Preservation Trust may incorporate personal travel, however, individuals shall not arrange Trust travel at a time that is less advantageous to the Guam Preservation Trust or involving greater expense to the Guam Preservation Trust in order to accommodate personal travel plans. Any additional expenses incurred as a result of personal travel, including but not limited to extra hotel nights, additional stopovers, meals, or transportation, are the sole responsibility of the individual and will not be reimbursed by the Guam Preservation Trust. Expenses associated with travel of an individual’s spouse, family, or friends will not be reimbursed by the Guam Preservation Trust.
  5. Air Travel
    1. General
      Air Travel reservations should be made as far in advance as possible in order to take advantage of reduced airfares. The Guam Preservation Trust will reimburse or pay the cost of the lowest coach class fare actually available for direct, non-stop flights to the airport nearest the destination.
    2. Frequent Flyer Miles and Compensation for Denied Boarding
      Board members and staff traveling on behalf of the Guam Preservation Trust may accept and retain frequent flyer miles and compensation for denied boarding for their personal use. Individuals may not deliberately patronize a single airline to accumulate frequent flyer miles if less expensive comparable tickets are available on another airline. ·
  6. Travel Per Diem
    Travel Per Diem is provided for off-island/over-night travel for the purpose of meals,
    ground transportation, and hotel. The Per Diem Rates shall adhere to the Government of
    Guam’s and the Federal Government’s updated and posted per diem rates. The calculation for
    travel per diem shall be as follows:
    Per Diem Based-Rate (by city) X Total Nights of Travel= Total Travel Per Diem
    Note: _Travel Per Diem shall be issued to the traveler at least two days prior to travel date.
  7. Other Expenses
    Reasonable GPT-related telephone and fax charges are reimbursable. In addition,
    reasonable and necessary secretarial work and/or postal charges incurred are reimbursable for
    the purpose of work on behalf of the Guam Preservation Trust.
  8. Non-Reimbursable Expenditures
    The Guam Preservation Trust maintains a strict policy that expenses in any category that could be perceived as lavish or excessive will not be reimbursed, as such expenses are inappropriate for reimbursement. Expenses that are not reimbursable include, but are not limited to:

    • Travel lnsurance
    • First Class Ticket or Upgrades
    • Limousine travel
    • Movies, liquor or bar cost
    • Membership dues at any country club, private club, athletic club, golf club, tennis club, or similar recreational organization.
    • Purchase of golf clubs or other recreational equipment.
    • Spa or exercise charges.
    • Clothing purchases
    • Business conference not approved by the appropriate authority.
    • Valet service
    • Car washed
    • Toiletry articles
  9. Trip Report
    Individuals traveling on behalf of the Guam Preservation Trust must submit a Trip Report
    describing their goal(s) and objective(s) and accomplishments of their travel. Failure to submit
    a trip report may result in suspension of future travels on behalf of the Guam Preservation