Standard Operating Procedures

Board Policies

Investment Policy

The intention of the investment policy statement is to provide guidance for the management of the portfolio assets allowing for changing economic, business and investment market conditions…

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Credit card policy

The purpose of this policy is to communicate eligibility, usage and payment of expenditure requirements for the Guam Preservation Trust (GPT) corporate credit card. The GPT corporate credit card is for official travel and travel-related expenses. Travel expenses incurred on this card are directly reimbursable to Merrill Lynch Bank of America Corporation with a copy of the credit card statement and applicable receipts….

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Travel and other expense reimbursement policy

The Board of Directors of the Guam Preservation Trust (GPT) recognizes that board members and employees of the Guam Preservation Trust may be required to travel or incur other expenses from time to time to conduct GPT business and to further the mission of the Guam Preservation Trust….

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Vehicle use policy

Use of Vehicle and Restrictions / Tire Car Replacement / Maintenance and Repair…

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Procurement policy

The purpose of the Procurement Procedures. ( hereinafter referred to as the “Procedures”) of the Guam Preservation Trust (hereinafter referred to as the “Trusf’) is to provide standards and guidelines applicable to procurements of supplies, …

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Employee’s Handbook

This Handbook has been prepared to inform personnel of the Guam Preservation Trust (GPT) about their responsibilities to GPT, as well as GPT’s responsibilities and obligations to its employees. The Employee Handbook is the repository of all information that each employee may require of their daily activities and designed to inform everyone, of GPT policies in general…

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Administrative Service Coordinator

Assisting the Chief Program Officer, Program Officer(s) & Restoration Architect in the following areas…

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Chief Program Officer

To oversee the administration of the Guam Preservation Trust including planning, programming, finance, personnel, and community relations…

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Development Officer

Responsible for meeting assigned objectives and contributing to the development of the Trust’s work objectives. Evaluates and recommends changes in systems or procedures to improve them…

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Program Officer

To assist the administration of the Guam Preservation Trust including planning, programming, and community relations…

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Organizational Chart