Position Description

Job Title: Chief Program Officer


To oversee the administration of the Guam Preservation Trust including planning, programming, finance, personnel, and community relations


  1. Assist Board Members in the development of all policies for the Trust
  2. Direct the process of planning for all projects/programs
  3. Provide input for long range goals for the Trust
  4. Direct the formulation of annual objectives for all areas of the Trust
  5. Oversee the preparation of performance reports on achievements of goals and objectives of the Trust
  6. Perform other related duties as needed to ensure effective planning for all areas of the Trust
  1. Coordinate the development and monitoring the progress of Trust grant programs
  2. Evaluate all grant programs
  3. Coordinate the maintenance and prepare reports of all program records
  4. Perform other related duties as needed to develop programs for the Trust
  5. Report progress of all grant programs to the Trust Board
  1. Direct the preparation of annual budget
  2. Coordinate contributions support and/or capital campaigns
  3. Ensure expenditures are within approved budget
  4. Ensure annual audit for the Trust
  5. Perform other related duties as needed in all areas of finance of the Trust
Community Outreach
  1. Interpret the Trust to the community
  2. Coordinate Trust activities with other organizations
  3. Perform other related duties as needed in areas of community relations
  1. Promote the attendance at board/committee meetings
  2. Plan agenda for board meetings
  3. Plan and propose committee organizations
  4. Perform other related duties as needed in areas concerning board/committee meetings
  • Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree preferred;
  • Experience in the area of historic preservation
  • Experience in a professional environment, including program management;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Excellent computer skills including word processing, spread sheets, and databases;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills; and
  • Ability to organize and process large volumes of work under tight deadlines.
Decision making

Uses judgment and discretion in assessing and scheduling work priorities; able to operate independently and structure own work.

Supervision Exercised

Contractors, grantees, volunteers, and interns.

Supervision Received

Works under the general supervision of the Board of Directors

Internal/External Contacts

Internal contacts as staff level Administrative Services Coordinator, Program Officer(s), Contract Employees, Volunteers & Interns, and GPT Board Members, External contacts include Historic Resource Division, Department of Parks and Recreation and stakeholders.