Position Description

Job Title: Administrative Service Coordinator


Assisting the Chief Program Officer, Program Officer(s) & Restoration Architect in the following areas:

  • Maintain & upgrade Guam Preservation Trust records management system
  • Immediately produce draft minutes of each meeting of the Board of Directors of the Guam Preservation Trust
  • Produce resolution in standard format for appropriate signatures as soon as practical after each meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Process administrative records and reports relating to Trust business
  • Maintain correspondence logs of Trust business
  • Maintain reports, indexes and lists of current Trust initiatives and projects
  • Assist committee members in their assigned tasks
  • Coordinate payment schedules with accounting consultant and any other related tasks
  • Assist in the coordination of all Trust activities
  • Must be familiar with General Supplemental Conditions of specifications
  • Must be familiar with Technical Sections of specifications
  • Must be familiar with a broad spectrum of architectural and construction terminology
  • Must be able to coordinate and work with various government agencies involved with GPT construction projects
  • Must be familiar with procedures 1)RFPs and the distribution of documents, and 2) Bid Opening and Contractor Selection
  • Assist Program Officers(s) and Restoration Architect in formulating job meeting memos and letters; reviewing specifications; and any related duties
  • Manage office procedures on behalf of the Trust
  • Conduct other duties as directed by the Board or the Chief Program Officer
  • Shall perform these services on a regular schedule with will provide for forty (40) hours per week and regular office hours during normal working hours.
  • Preparation of Expenditure Summary reflecting Board projects & grants
  • Preparation of Accounts Payables
  • Maintain Accounts Payables Files
  • Maintain Deposit and Check Distribution Files
  • Maintain Tax Records
  • Report monthly accounting activity to consulting bookkeeping firm
  • Developing quick reference forms for grants & project accountability
  • Assist staff to safeguard compliance of procurement procedures
  • Processing and Transmission of Federal Withholding
  • Processing and Electronic Transmission of FICA taxes
  • Maintain of payroll time sheets
  • Collaborate with Development Officer to Prepare the Citizen’s Centric Report as required by Law by the Public Auditor
  • Work with hired consultants for preparation of Audits
  • Maintain program and project files for financial and procurement accountability
  • Work with Dept. of Administration for issuance of revenues due to the Trust
  • Work with Dept. of Public Works, Permits Division to verify revenues due to the Trust
  • Depositing Trust income into GPT accounts as directed by the Chief Program Officer
  • Preparing all Board meeting notices for publication in the media as required by law
  • Coordinating with the consulting accounting firm to generate monthly financial reports to the Guam Legislature
  • Coordinating with the consulting accounting firm to generate monthly financial reports to the Office of the Public Auditor
  • Work with website administrator for posting of all monthly and annual financial reports as required by law
  • Special projects as assigned by the Chief Program Officer
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Word
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Publisher
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Familiar with Excel
  • Familiar with QuickBooks Premier 2010