Program Goals

  1. Guam Preservation Trust Grant Program

    The following are programs intended and envisioned by the Guam Preservation Trust to preserve and protect Guam’s historic sites, culture, and perspectives for the benefit of our people and our future.

    1. Historic Property Documentation and Register Nomination This program assists in the documentation of the historic significance of places, objects, structures, buildings, and sites, and in the formal process for registration and nomination for listing on the Guam and/or National Register of Historic Places. A prerequisite for eligibility to this program requires a review and determination of priority level by the Historic Resources Division, Guam Department of Parks and Recreation.
    2. Public Interpretation and Presentation
      This program provides assistance in the interpretation and presentation of one or more historic properties for public appreciation and enjoyment. The following are categories in the interpretation and/or presentation of historic properties:

      • Events, performances, or programs in direct association with specific historic resources;
      • Publication of information regarding historic resources and their associations; and
      • Education tools to assist educators in presenting lessons directly related to historic properties
    3. Architectural History
      This program focuses on architectural research and documentation of historic structures. The following are category objectives in architectural history:

      • Detailed documentation or recordation of a specific structure or set of structures guided by the Written Historical and Descriptive Date Guidelines.
      • Original research in architectural practices and influences in relation to a specific structure or set of structures
    4. Repair, Restoration or Renovation of Historic Buildings and Structures
      This program assists owners of historic properties or interested community organizations in the care and treatment of deteriorating historic structures and buildings. This program involves the following standard process adopted by the Guam Preservation Trust:

      • Agreement documents between GPT and the property owner
      • Restoration Planning
      • Stabilization and as-built drawings from a certified architectural firm
      • Restoration drawings from a certified architectural firm
      • Historic documentation of the structure or building
      • Covenant (agreement provisions)
      • Restoration Work
    5. A prerequisite for eligibility is that the historic structure or building must be on the listing of Historic Places. The following are requirements for this program.
      • Certificate of land title
      • Official property survey
      • Official topography
    6. Ethnography and Oral History
      This program provides assistance for research on and documentation of historic places and the traditional cultural values, and practices that give these places, values, and practices significance. The research methods used in this program are those of ethnography and oral history.
    7. Archival Research This program provides assistance in archival research that focuses on specific historic places or broad patterns of events significant in Guam’s history.
    8. Archaeological Research
      This program provides assistance in archaeological research, with the exception of archaeology that is required by law to complete compliance obligations imposed in development review and permitting processes. The following are archaeological research projects that are eligible for assistance.

      • Compliance projects that produce excessive burdens on private, noncommercial land owners (in accordance with adopted GPT policies).
      • Projects designed to complete site documentation of known but poorly described archaeological sites in areas not part of a proposed development.
      • Original research that addresses topics of outstanding general significance and that is well designed and focuses on tests of specific, well-framed research questions. Such research should expand existing knowledge and be of strategic importance for interpreting aspects of prehistoric or historic culture and society.
    9. Miscellaneous
      The miscellaneous program provides for potential consideration of proposals that can be justified according to the purposes of GPT but which do not fall within the programs listed. A proposal submitted in this category must have strong justification with respect to how it advances the purposes of GPT and how it will provide a public benefit commensurate with the costs proposed.
  2. Grant Application Package 2016